PFsense/OpenVPN connection suddenly stopped working. tls-error

Late last night, my OpenVPN setup suddenly stopped working. Refused to authenticate.

It had been working just fine since August of last year, and up and stopped.

Restored backups on my PFsense router with known good backups and it still refuses to authenticate. I’m using and I can ping the routers so I know they’re good.

Anyone have any ideas why all of a sudden it will just up and refuse to connect? Routing and everything else has stayed the sames for ages.


Thank you for the heads up. It does sound like an irritating issue to be sure. Based on the details shared, it does sound like the issue is due to expired OpenVPN certificates.

The good news is we have released updated versions with fresh expiry dates!

You may download them for your connection here.

That should do the trick, I think. Let us know if you encounter any issues.

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This was the ticket. Up and running once again!