PfSense Playstation 4 PS4 Not Getting NAT Type 2 all of a sudden

Hey all;

I’m using my Playstation 4 / PS4 on my PfSense router with the openVPN protocol. Suddenly I am only getting NAT Type 3 (Strict NAT) when I connected to the PlayStation Network.

My PS4 has a static IP and I have an outbound rule setup so that all traffic is allowed (I also have UPNP on) to the WAN address. I have all WAN traffic funneling through my OpenVPN interface. When I disable OpenVPN it connects with NAT 2.

When I connected today, I saw I am getting NAT 3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can open my NAT on VyprVpn? Is there a way to “DMZ” my PS4 onto Vypr?

If not, no biggie, just noticed it changed.

(I tried to be verbose, so if this thread fixes my issue, then if someone searches Playstation 4 or PS4 it will show up. )

Hello @ssjaken

You can disable our NAT firewall from the control panel on our website. Other than that, we have no other suggestions to get your PS4 to use NAT 2.


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That appears to be the solution. I wasn’t aware of that option on the control panel.

Thank you Terrence. Sorry for my ignorance. Hindsight, it sounds like a really DUMB question.