Poor Internet connections creates nearly unbreakable loop

Hello -

I’m running the VyperVPN client for iOS on a WiFi-only iPad Air (1) and have noticed a behavior that is disruptive. There have been a lot of updates recently to iOS and the VPN app to improve performance and resolve issues; however, this issue persists and I wanted to provide useful feedback.

If the WiFi connection is poor quality, completely interrupted, or lost and then restored the failure mode of the VPN configuration attempts to re-establish and becomes a non-responsive loop. The user is not provided sufficient control to break the loop or to be informed of the status of the reconnection attempt effort, for example: Was the connection recently lost? Is this attempt to reconnect the 1st or the 50th or the 500th?

When the VPN connection is lost (because of poor WiFi connection in my case) all internet access is lost even after the WiFi Connection is restored while the VPN attempts to reconnect. The reconnection is not always successful. If I attempt to open the VyperVPN app to stop the attempt to reconnect, the option to do so is not present. In fact no options exist to do anything until the swirling gear/logo splash page operation is completed and the reconnection is successful. So the only way to disconnect is to successfully connect, and then choose the disconnect button from within the VyperVPN app.

I’ve tried closing and reopening the app to attempt to break the loop.
-The loop remains after the app is relaunched. The VyprVPN app did not offer the option to disconnect or stop the loop.

I’ve tried choosing to toggle off the VPN in the iOS settings app.
-The “On Demand” nature of the configuration results in the toggle flipping back to the on position instantaneously.

I attempted to use AirPlane mode to disrupt the attempt, and waited for 3 minutes.
-When the WiFi was turned back on the loop resumed. The VyprVPN app did not offer the option to disconnect or stop the loop.

I deleted the VyprVPN app from the iPad and the loop was terminated. All of the configuration details were lost and had to be reentered to reestablish the tunnel; however, upon deleting the app the internet connection was restored.

The VyperVPN app can be seen to blink or cycle during this loop and after a few of these occur (I have not counted) a pop-up error will show that says “Unable to reach server” and offers two choices: “Cancel” or “Retry”. It would seem that both options result in the same behavior - the loop continues several times and the message is displayed again.

See a screen shot of this message : http://i.imgur.com/gsnKcqp.png
Notice the “Disconnect” option is present on the screen; however this button, and all other interface features are not usable while this the loop is in progress (the error message does go away and the buttons on the error message do respond to being touched)

App version v.
iOS version 8.0.2 (12A405)
Model MD789LL/A

Hello Surge,

Thank you very much for your detailed usage feedback and experience with the VyprVPN iOS app. From your report I understand that the issues with the “loop” of reconnection attempts are caused by poor WiFi connectivity. Our developers have added features that will be available in the next release (currently in submission to Apple) that will help alleviate this issue by giving the user more control of the connection status of the app. Some of the new features will be:

-Cancel a current connection attempt through the app
-Toggle auto-reconnect on/off in the app

I believe that these features will help you control the connection status of the app easily if you encounter issues connecting resulting from poor wireless connectivity, and the new iOS update should be available soon.

Thank you! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with or feel free to reach out to support@goldenfrog.com (subject- Attn: Keegan) and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Golden Frog Support