Port Forwarding Not Working

So I have gone into my default gateway and port forwarded TCP/UDP to 25565 starting and ending port, then assigned it to my internal IP: 192.168..

From here is the easy part of leaving the server IP blank in properties and leaving default port at 25565. Launch the server, and i can connect with the 192.168.. but then I can’t connect using my external IP address > The one that I can find by googling IP or as YouTube tutorials say “the one you will give to your friends to connect to”. What happens when I try to connect using my external IP is that it will just say “connecting to server…” for 30 seconds or so then fail, and nothing even shows up in the server console, as if I was attempting to log in.

I have my windows firewall disabled and no anti-virus of any kind. I have a Netgear Nighthawk R6700 router. I can’t find a tutorial specifically for my router so I just went with tutorials for ones similar like the Nighthawk R7000. I’ve done this before on a previous Verizon router where I just port forwarded, then disabled the router firewall, and it worked. I port forwarded on this router and don’t know (even if I could find the firewall) if turning it off would help. I also have a limited understanding of port triggering if that has to do with anything.
tried using this guide but not worth at all.
This new router has been a pain in my ass for over a year and I’ve just been coping with using Hamachi for now, but I figured I have most of the weekend to try and solve it so I thought I’d try and do something. I know if I can get it so I can connect with my own external IP, then it will work for those I give it to.


Thanks for posting, unfortunately we don’t support port forwarding at this time, but it sounds like you’re on the right track. Hopefully some of our other customers have had success with these types of set ups and can help out.