Question about billing and discounts


I purchased a “Premium 3 Year Special” subscription, and I used a discount promo code of EUR 10 off.

In total, I should be charged with EUR 44. Instead of that, my card was charged with EUR 52.61

My card is in USD, so the charge and conversion should be EUR 44 = USD 49.64

But in the real life, I got USD 59.36 = EUR 52.61.

The difference is EUR 8.61, and in the bill there is no additional taxes nor explanation about this additional cost.

I want you guys be clear about how you apply the charges, if there are hidden charges/taxes and what will happen when I renew the subscription. Also, if this is an error then please fix the billing. If not, please explain me what happened and why I was charged with a higher amount.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the post!

It’s definitely not our intention to mislead our customers or include hidden fees or anything like that.

If a discount code for Euros was used for a payment made in dollars, it likely didn’t get applied because the currencies didn’t match. It’s difficult to tell without access to your account details, though.

If you haven’t already, please get in touch with our support team so we can take a look. We’ll do everything within our power to help out with this -