Question Re Setting up VyprVPN Server via the Web Admin panel

I would like to setup my own VyprVPN Server on the DigitalOcean cloud, as per your online instructions.

The Web Admin Panel setup instructions page ( ) advises:

“In the Allowed Admin IP Addresses section, add the desired IP address(es) from which you want to allow access…

Note: You will lock yourself out of the admin panel if you don’t add your own IP address. If that happens, you will need to deploy VyprVPN Server again.”

I currently access the Internet via an ADSL2+ router with a dynamic IP, as assigned by my ISP. It sounds like I would be advised to change my ISP plan, to get a static IP for my router? That way, I can put that static IP in the admin panel of the DigitalOcean VyprVPN, so I can log in to admin panel?

Is that correct? That is:- It is highly recommended that I get a static IP to better secure access to the admin portion of the server?

It is highly recommended that you lock down access to the administrative interfaces using the Admin IP functionality, yes. If getting a static IP through your ISP is the only way of doing that, then it would seem to be the way to go.

I solve this with things I do on the Internet by permitting my home IP (which tends to change rarely) and my office IPs (which never changes). That way if my home IP does happen to change, I can still get in and update the firewall at the office to allow in my new home IP.


So, if I’m administering the server while traveling I should not complete this step, correct? I am at a different IP every day for a while.

Hello @stevelack,

That is correct - we would not recommend this if you are traveling and your IP address changes very frequently.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!

Golden Frog Technical Support