Really slow italian server on Android TV

Since tree weeks I am experiencing a really slow italian server.
I usually use the VPN service from my Android TV to watch some TV channels on KODI.
In the past I was able to watch them flawlessy but now, when I connect trough the italian server, they buffer every two seconds and the speed of the server is incredibly slow.

I necessity support.


Hello @AnakinDE,

We pride ourselves on offering fast, secure VPN service to all of our customers. We never throttle or rate-limit your connection. In the event you find your VyprVPN speeds aren’t what you’d expect or desire, there are several things you can try to diagnose and attempt to resolve the issue.

Our first recommendation is to use the troubleshooting steps offered on our official Help Center page, which can be found here.

If the article provided does not address your concern, please reach out to our support team via e-mail at to appropriately troubleshoot this matter.

Golden Frog Support

I found the proble.
The connection is extremely slow when I active the option to block the damaging content on a website.
When I removed the option the network come back as usual and now I can enjoy internet again.

I suggest you to review how this option works.

Thank zou so much for your help!

Hi @AnakinDE,

We are aware of this problem. Content Blocking uses a localvpn pipe connection to identify malicious website hostnames and block the connection. We have identified some improvements that can be made to this connection for optimizing performance that should be available in the next release.