Release date regarding the full-fledged verion on windows

Currently the vyprvpn app on windows 10 is which is the beta version of the app that aims to solve the connectivity issue in China. Yes It did allow people to connect to servers now but the connection speeds gets extremely slow after around 2 minutes of use and the beta version does not show pings on all the servers which makes it really difficult to find a good performing server. So I’d like to ask when will the full-fledged version of the app on Windows be released.


Thank you for chiming in with your results from the beta release and we are glad that you found connectivity! Due to this being beta, as you may know, it is expected to see some bugs such as slow speeds. Our goal is to, first, achieve proper and successful connectivity to our servers and then focus on speed for our beta releases.

We do not have a formal release date for when the next version is due but you can expect such in a short amount of time, given all goes well and nothing comes up, give it no less than 30 days and no more than 60.

Thank you again for your statistics!

Thank you for the response, Hope the connection speed issue can be resolved quickly.

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