Reprise: Which routers work / which is the best choice?

I live in Germany and will be working in China for 5 years. I was planning on buying a Asus RT-AC56U and setting it up as a server with VPN. Does anyone see any issues with the Asus RT-AC56U?

Hey @Jim_Hagerman,

The router you use with the VyprServer won’t really be a factor. However, if you intend to set up the VPN within the RT-AC56U in order to provide all of your local devices with VPN access, it is compatible with both DD-WRT as well as Tomato.

You can learn more about our DD-WRT set-up from this article:

And the Tomato options can be found here:

Let us know if we can answer any other questions!


Support Team

I just had an opportunity to watch that video (and yes, I trust YouTube about as far as I can throw a fit. . .).

Very Interesting! This video makes very interesting points that are NOT made in the “stock” instructions on how to flash the firmware.

I’m going to have to get another one of those to experiment with, and see what happens.

Jim (JR)