[RESOLVED] Please update supplied VM to latest - unable to update

Please update supplied VM to latest - unable to update on the server itself.

I already tried the available guides suggesting to only start it once. Doesn’t matter, still won’t work.


Hey @Xen0sys,

The files are up to date. The latest versions for the VirtualBox platform are not yet available for manual download, but you will be able to update to a newer version from the admin interface once the drive space defect has been fixed.

For more information, please see out HC article: https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/218241457-Known-Defect-for-VirtualBox-when-Upgrading-to-Server-0-10-0-110-

Support Team

Thanks for the reply @Wes,

I actually went out of my way to use GParted to increase the size of the VM disk to around 10-15GB IIRC. No luck with that either.

Is there an ETA on when you will have that new VM image ready? I’m currently sitting waiting for this as there’s no point setting up the server if I’ll have to do it again when the bug is fixed.

Hey @Xen0sys!

We’re looking at releasing the fix in 0.12, which is tentatively 2-3 weeks away. We understand the importance of issuing this fix as soon as possible and look forward to pushing it out so you can test.

Thanks for your patience.

Golden Frog Support

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@nick Awesome, can’t wait!


Also the VirtualBox images were updated last week for the hotfix release to fix the iOS connectivity issues.


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