Rts.ch not working anymore

Even though it was not officially supported, I used tu view the RTS streaming service using VyprVPN (on my PC using a browser, on an android TV / ANdroid device / iphone using the RTS streaming app). It worked perfectly.
Since October it doesn’t work anymore. In fact it’s quite strange :

  • When you try to view the RTS using no VPN, you automatically have the message that you cannot accesss to the stream outside from switzerland wether you try to view RTS1, RTS2 or RTS info (normal)
  • When you use the VPN to locate you in switzerland (any protocol), RTS1 and RTS2 still don’t work, but with a different message (stream not available). RTS Info works perfectly.

The problem is exactly the same for WIndows, Android, Android TV and IOS

It submitted the case to the vyprvpn support but since it’s not officially supported they can’t help me.
Can anyone try just to be sure it’s not a problem with my configuration ?


I can confirm it for all live RTS and SRF channels. And indeed - RTS Info is an exception. At the same time, SRF Info cannot be accessed.