Samsung and IHG websites blocking VyprVPN

Both Samsung and IHG have blocked Vypr. Ive tried several servers and protocol combinations. Has anyone been able to overcome this?


Hey, welcome to our forum!

While we would like for every site to be available while connected to VyprVPN, unfortunately that is not something that we can guarantee. Many sites, particularly sites that deal with travel, money, or content streaming (but not just those), will block access from VPNs.

I’m not sure which server locations you’re using, but you may have better luck using a different server location when accessing these sites. After some quick testing, I was unable to connect to either of these sites from our Russia or UK server locations, but was able to reach both of them when connected to our USA - Austin server location.

Thank you Daniel for your swift response. I appreciate it. Will give those a try.

No problem, I’m hopeful that you’ll have better luck on other server locations.