Setting up an openVPN on an access point

I’m trying to set up an openVPN connection on a router that Im using as an access point on my network. My setup is as follows:

Netgear R9000 -> Netgear R6700(Access Point) -> Apple TV

I can’t seem to find a version of tomato that runs on the R9000 so I’m using fresh tomato on the R6700 as a vpn router for my Apple TV only and have followed the directions here:

But it doesn’t seem to work. Would setting up the openvpn connection work on an access point or does it need to be on my primary router?


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With the VyprVPN Router configuration, we strongly encourage that this be setup on the host router/gateway. Please give this a shot and let us know how it turns out!

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The issue is that I can’t find a version of tomato to run of my R9000. Is there another solution for my setup.

I’m in Taiwan and am trying to get access to my video streaming accounts on my Apple TV only.

Just wanted to give an update:

Installed ww-drt on my gateway router(R9000) as described here:

All seems to be working well right now. Unfortunately because of the slow connection through openvpn(i’m only getting about 50mb/s) on my 1gb/s service, i want to only have my apple tv access the vpn rather than the entire network, which is the case now since i’m using the gateway router for it.

I know this is probably outside the scope of vyper but is there a way to setup the vpn to only give access to the apple tv instead of the entire network?

Also, with this setup how can I use my own DNS server rather than Vyper’s?

Hey @jdouglass

Any device you connect to that router will utilize the VPN. There wouldn’t be a way to just have the Apple TV use the VPN. As far as the DNS server goes, it is required to enter a third party DNS server when setting up VyprVPN on a DD-WRT router. This information can be found in the following article from our support site:

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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@jdouglass I have setup DD-WRT on a R7000 router which connects through a D7000 router to the internet. The R7000 maintains a permanent VPN connection to the Los Angeles so by choosing wifi for either the D7000 or R7000 I can have a device use the VPN link or not.

Originally I was planning to use the VyprVPN app on the router with the permanent VPN setup but I could not get the app to work successfully. The DD-WRT setup seems far more robust but unfortunately cannot support the Chameleon protocol.