Share Your Experience---After the huge CRACK DOWN

Don’t know whether is specifically targeted or not though.But yeah servers are not connectable again.

Dude, literally none, and I mean none are working, I’ve resorted to free VPN’s to even login into the website. This is ridiculous

There are a few servers can show pings and being connectable today
But one odd thing is that there are some problems with flags(flags in the servers selection list)Can’t be displayed I have no ideas why is that happening.

Well anyway I think the technology team may have found a way to restore the servers now I’d say is the only matter of time before they restore all the servers.
Here is a list of connectable servers
South Korea
=North America=
El Salvador
=South America=

At around 1:07PM (EST 12:07AM) No servers can answer pings or be connected now.

This is ridiculous now It has been 10 days with no service at all.When will they fix this issue?

indeed, i mean it’s been 10 days now and it was 2 weeks in the last shutdown, they should at least give us back those days, because after all we are still loyal and we didn’t forget how great this service was before (specially last year).


Please contact our Support Team regarding your request by emailing



Technical Support

I think this time GFW is trying hard to take down this VPN service in China.
In these days, I tried to connect any country, however only one or two country could be connected and others showed low bandwidth or no response error.
Connectivity was not stable all the time, few minutes or hours later, all countries could not be connected or ping-able.

It seems GFW is keeping learning to block the VPN connection.
Once we connected successfully, it would be blocked in the future.

And of course, we need explanation about this block event.
There’s no further update and ETA, that’s annoying us.

Yes I utterly agree with that They should at least give us a deadline on when the matter will be resolved.Their updates now are just useless and feels like they’re just stalling time.As for whether this service is being targeted or not I don’t really think so though.If they are being targeted that won’t explain why there was a brief of time(between January 18th to January 28th)that service was fully restored.

I can only imagine that GFW was learning to upgrade for the block during those days.:joy:
Wall is much higher than before.

Yesterday I watch a video about the GFW 2.0 change.
It said that GFW had use bigdata to analyze the VPN network packages.
Even GFW doesn’t know what the package is or where the package sent, it can be recognized the packages is from which VPN ISP.
Which means it can block any VPN network packages.

So it would be so hard to restore the services. GFW is keeping learning to block the new ways of VPN services.

That’s what you call a typical DPI(Deep Packets Inspection). Their chameleon protocol was exactly designed for that matter.
But seems like now the packets being sent are still recognizable nonetheless.So I’d say they need to upgrade the chameleon protocol first to make the packets more hidden and harder to inspect.I think that is the linchpin of it.

Also It really has been a while without any services announcements.It just irks me so much to see they still haven’t figure out how to restore the service yet

Yeah Simply complaining about it ain’t gonna help.But here is the thing They haven’t been able to providing any sort of service for weeks now.In this industry How can you expect consumers won’t complain.
Another thing Yeah I think they’re working on a greater fix too.But I haven’t heard any information on the progress since 5th of February.So What I am saying is that they at least need to keep the info coming out.Tell the customers what they’re working on not just a blunt response saying they’re working on something.

I got the mail about some servers can be connected with L2TP.

Well from my end All servers are pingable with L2TP/IPsec protocol.but none of them are connectable.

If there is no compensation plan in the future, I will cancel the subscription. Now using SSR as alter plan.

i just got connected to seattle server ( chameleon)

so yeah maybe its finally back


Well The service has been restored. Also the thread has reached max edits limit please check the continuation of this thread here

l got almost the same issue. BTW, what’t wrong with US servers ?