Slow Internet connection

Since I have been using your VPN service, my Windows 10 connection has degraded.
I have speed test I performed below using the same company in Los Angeles.

This is my speed connection with VyprVPN from an LA server.
Download 27.15 Mb/s, Upload 1.48 Mb/s, Ping 60ms
(The same location test on my iPhone tested Download 64.71 Mb/s, Upload 1.66 Mb/s, Ping 64ms)

Here is my speed connection without VyprVPN from my ISP.
Download 46.23 Mb/s, Upload 1.70 Mb/s, Ping 60ms

For some reason my iPhone is not effected like my Windows 10 computer. Maybe there is a setting that needs adjusted?

Also there is a new Ethernet on my PC called TAP-Windows Adapter V9. I guess it was installed with VyprVPN? I noticed in the Status it is connected at speed of 100.0 Mbps while my Ethernet Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller is connected at 1.0 Gbps.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, @M_Hewitt!

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing speed issues. I have gone ahead and reached out to you via our email support system so that we may troubleshoot this issue properly for you. Please be on the lookout for an email from!

Golden Frog Technical Support

I was also experiencing slow internet connection. But the article of MJ helped me resolve my issue. Check if it works for you.