Still no LAN-Feature?!

Hi there,

how long will it take for integrating a bypass for LAN-Traffic?

Dispite the problem of printing and all other local traffic, it’s very “stupid” to send local traffic trough the whole world. No matter if the servers and network are secured.
There is a golden rule. As much as necessary, as less as possible.
And local traffic should remain local.

Any ETA for this feature?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


We understand you would like to have local LAN traffic bypass the Vyprvpn connection. We have an setting to allow specific applications to bypass the VPN connection on Mac and Android as well as looking at adding to Windows.

You can request we add support for all LAN traffic bypassing the VPN in our Ideas page:


Technical Support

Hi Howard,

thanks for your reply and yes - i want a local LAN traffic bypasse.

The feature you mentioned works for standalone features - no problem
But there is a problem for traffic that can not be bypassed - for example. Printer, fax, scanner and many more.

Because your info with the ideas pages – spoiler alert – there are a lot of request regarding the same feature. So there is no need to add another similiar idea.
Just hint your developers to the ideas page and search for LAN. :unamused:

This is quite interesting as I am not aware of this. How can you bypass LAN traffic. Or either I know how to but I can’t recall. Can anyone explain this to me?