Strange behaviour of the greek Server

Hi all,

I have a Sony Android TV using Kodi for watching LEGAL greek TV streaming in Germany. In my list I have some geoblocked and also unblocked channels.

After subscribing to VyprVPN and connecting to their greek server I’ve found out that the TV set is not able to open all geoblocked channels - just 1-2. Some of the unblocked channels can also not be opened while VyprVPN is switched on.

The only good thing is: if I manage to watch a TV channel the streaming quality is perfect and the greek server seems to be stable and fast.

I’ve tried VPN services from two other companies which offer an app for Android TV and both services worked perfect. I was able to watch geoblocked and unblocked channels without any problem.

Can anybody advise?


Hey @redroomboy, We apologize for not getting to this yesterday on this. We just replied to you on your other post under the post. Sorry for the delay!

Dear Jack,

thanks for your help.

I am really confused now. Before I get customer of Vypr I’ve started a trial and everything worked fine. Whe are not-geoblocked channels not working if Vypr is switched on?

Another topic: do you know that the Android TV app is sometimes crashing the TV set? Will there will be any update?


Apologies for the confusion on that. There can be many factors in play on the provider’s end that may prevent access to their service while on a VPN. Sometimes these factors can change. The provider could have also changed the way that they detect if someone is on a VPN which could be why it is able to be noticed now.

Regarding the Android TV application. This isn’t an issue that we have been seeing affect most of our users. We advise that you reach out to our customer support team regarding this so we can look into this further for you.

Dear Jack,

thanks for your reply. I have another question: I’ve opened only this topic as I have some issue and I receive notification for ALL topics of your forum. Why?

Please advise


Hey @redroomboy

This post is tied to similar posts for streaming issues, so most likely you are seeing notifications for that reason


Are you still using vypervpn means has your prob been solved and may you share the names as i m using purevpn greek servers to watch LEGAL greek TV streaming in Germany but having the same issue as you had.