Support for Abema TV JP

Your JP location IP is being detected by Abema TV, and yes i have tied chameleon mode with vryp tap adapter, but nothing works still gives me message saying that is only available in Japan not in other countries.
Strange thing though is that on Android it doesn’t detect even with chameleon mode on and i can watch it normally.

Hello @Kitsune_Janx

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues streaming.

Sites that offer media content that is restricted to a certain region may fail to load, stating you are outside of the service area, for many reasons even while connected to a server in that country.

There are several steps you can take that may fix this issue. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting to VyprVPN to obtain a new ip address, you may have to do it several times. If that does not work, please see our help center article:

Please note that we will not be able to offer any further assistance beyond the resources above. Thank you for your understanding.