Tethering issue


When I use VyprVPN, I can’t use my smartphone as a tethering modem anymore :disappointed_relieved:

When I travel in Germany, I use my mobilephone 4g to connect to the internet. I use Vypr successfully. But when I connect my MacBook Pro to internet via wifi provided by my smartphone tethering feature it does NOT work if VyprVPN is activated on the phone !
The computer can’t successfully connect! (everything is fine on smartphone though)

Of course, when I disconnect VyprVPN on the smartphone, I can connect to the Mac and then use the Mac VPN app to browse through VPN… but then the activities from my smartphone is not protected :cold_sweat:

My questions:
Is it normal ?
Is there a workaround to have both my smartphone and computer using the vpn ?
Is there a way to have all devices connected to internet through my smartphone to use the encrypted vpn tunnel ?
Did I do something wrong ?

Thanks heaps for your help and support


Hey @Ryfe,

Thanks for your questions. It is normal for this to occur. In order to establish a VPN connection while connected to the mobile device, you will need to connect to the mobile device first and then establish the VPN connection from the computer. Otherwise, the connection will not function properly. At this time we’re unable to support any kind of set-up which broadcasts the VPN to devices connected through a mobile hub the way you’re intending. However, our Standard account allows for three devices to simultaneously connect, and our Premier accounts allow for five, so you can still connect multiple devices, you just can’t do so the way one would establish a connection in a router.

Please let us know if we can answer any other questions.


Support Team

Thanks for your answer @Katherine, that’s clear.
It’s fine for me. Problem solved then.