Thank you GoldenFrog. It was a good ride

Well I have decided to leave from this VPN provider. So I’d like to share some parting words. back to December 2017 That’s the first time I’ve known Goldenfrog and its VPN service VyprVPN. At first I didn’t really know much about you guys. But you guys were offering a free trial of 2 (Or maybe 3 I don’t really remember it now) GBs traffic and it works splendidly on my PC, The speed was good and the connection too.It had two flaws as I remembered
The first flaw was that it takes too long to establish a connection. I wasn’t really happy about that But it is acceptable.
The second flaw was that the connection on chameleon was not stable it always disconnects itself but PPTP and OpenVPN work perfectly.

after the trial I decided to purchase a year of service. It works amazingly in the first year. There weren’t many problems at all. also the chameleon protocol was fixed during the first but I don’t remember when.

fast forward to December 2018 there was big issue happening. I remember there weren’t any server working for a really long time . So I made a post about it

and I kinda take on the daily job of daily testing. well it wasn’t a good time But I do hope my thread helped a lot of people, and assisted in restoring the servers.
During that time I also posted this thread to wish all goldenfrog staffs a nice holiday.

The problem was resolved 22th of February 2018. But it happened again at 3rd of March 2018 So Yeah I posted another thread about it.

The service was partly restored at 8th of March 2018 (Only a few servers were working) and was fully restored tomorrow, But I kept on updating the thread to the 31th of March 2018. Because I thought that the service was fully restored. and it was fully fixed.

I tried my best to answer anyone who replied to my daily experience thread. I hope that was helpful to those who replied.

Well that was for the year of 2018. It was a rocky year. but at the end we all made through.

at 6th of June 2019 I heard the news of the 3.0 version of the vypr app I was quite excited though. But… when it was released. Everyone includes me were all less enthusiastic about it. So I compile a list of missing features on this thread. Discussion about the missing features on the 3.0+ version
Some of them were added back already.

Anyway fast forward to September 23th of 2019. The service ceases to be working again.
But there was a new version released. It did partly solved the connection issue but there was another problem which I posted a thread about it.

after that I decided to post another daily experience thread about the connection issue.

It’s updated daily.

But the issue wasn’t solved at all. So I posted another thread with detailed description of the issue that I and some other people are facing.

That’s when the time I have heard that there was a full fledged version on the horizon. But there weren’t any information on it. So I posted another thread to ask about it

But there weren’t any information either

So I posted this thread

This time with more details of the issue I’ve been facing.

fast forward to today. It has exactly been 79 days that I’m not able to use the service normally. This quite sets me off. So I decided to finally leave this service. But I still wish to remain in the forum though. Overall it was an exciting ride. I really loved this company. I really like your motto and your commitment to the internet freedom in China. Your Company culture is amazing and dreamlike. Who doesn’t love a freedom fighting organization. but at the end this has been too disappointing and I loah to see the current situation. I really wish I can still share my daily experiences and help the company to improve, I even submit a full length article to your advocate program wishing to help the company even further in the Chinese situation.

(Here’s the article)

I have been a fan for this software for over 2 years now, I really loved that contributions and commitments you all made for internet freedom in authoritarian nations such as China. I really appreciate and respect that, not every company would stand up against something like that. In fact, a lot of companies are sucking up to China and other authoritarian regimes because of their customers base and market values, which is only worsening the situation in those nations.
But thank God, Companies like golden frog do exist as well, companies that would stand up and say NO to those authoritarian regimes. I appreciate that a lot. And I thank deeply for everything you’ve done for helping spread the voice of freedom in these nations.
But Currently there have been many issues with this VPN service. Especially at sensitive periods. So, I’d like to help improving the software and providing testing result within China (I’m currently in China actually)
Also, by this opportunity I’d like to introduce something regarding myself, I’m a network engineering student in a tech school. I know the basic of network and have some skills like setting up a switch and router, route tracing etc. I really hope I can be a help to this company. I don’t ask anything in return. If you keep fighting for freedom then I’ll keep helping.
At the end I’d like end this submission with a quote from your past blog posting.
“The current state of Chinese internet censorship is the very reason VyprVPN exists in the first place, to be a thorn in the side of authoritarian regimes.”
And a thorn you are, keep fighting.

But yeah I guess you guys didn’t really notice it. anyway I still wish you guys the best. Keep fighting for what’s right.
And I’ll be back once everything has been improved. Thank you for all your contributions.

At last
Shout out to @Katherine @HowardA @Logan Thank you You all have been really helpful in my thread
And shout out to @Terrence @Derek thank you for providing info to everyone in the forum.
And lastly @Johnny_G Thank you for the good support.

I wish everyone the best. If things improve I’ll be back. Thank you.
So yeah Goodbye. It has been an amazing ride.

Hey @kaldeqca

We are very sorry to hear that you will be leaving us. We are happy you’ve stuck around with us for this long, and for giving us your honest feedback. As much as we hate to see you go, we do understand how frustrating this has been.

We are working hard to provide great service, and we are aware of ongoing issues with connectivity in China. We are not giving up the fight to provide a free and open internet. We do appreciate the shout out as well. We do wish you all the best, and you are welcome back at any time. If you ever need any assistance or have any questions we are here for you 24/7 and can contact us here: or


Thank you there, I hope everything the best for you guys.


The newest version with Chameleon 2.0 is ok for china as I just test.