The automatic connection does not work in VyprVPN


The automatic connection does not work in VyprVPN even I had choose that “Automatic connect when it was broken.” I had told your team this problem. In fact, this is the only one problem I met. I want to resolve it.

Your team tell me a method to resolve this problem: “PPTP Manual Setup Windows 7” and “Connect it”. I used it. It can work. But today, it was broken, and it can’t connect successfully. It shows me “807”.

The reply speed of the email is too slow! I had to wait for 5-7 days until I receive the reply email!

Hope to see your reply!

Yi Luo

When VyprVPN keep connection for 24 or 48 hours, it will break. I can understand the situation, sometimes it will break, it’s Okay.

But it won’t connect automatically!

Hello @baby2321,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this issue. Sorry for the delay, we are experiencing higher than normal ticket volumes and we answer tickets in the order they are received.

I see that you have an open ticket for this issue, ticket 3086579. I have reached out to you via that ticket, please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. Thank you for your patience.

Support Team

Thanks for your professional support!

I will follow the steps as your team tell me and observe these two way(VyprVPN and the updated IP address). If it has any issues, I contact you again.

Thanks a lot!

Yi Luo

Can you post solution here? I was play blade and soul because I really like this Korean fantasy game. I use vypr because I sometimes buy bns gold and I need to hide ma ip to prevent get banned. Sometimes automatic connection does not work and I get disconnect what is very uncomfortable. What more can I do?

@nielot Hi! Please contact our support team for assistance:
If you find you are unable to reach this alternate URL please email our support team directly at