The foreign server

I am from china.

I really hope I can surf the real google, not HK google. But now I can’t connect to the US server and other servers out China even once. The ping always higher than 250. Chinese VPN market is a really big cake, once you cannot catch it, you will lost it forever.

Hope there is a solution.

Thank you all very vety much.

Hello, @Hiderm_Owen

I’m sorry to hear of the trouble! The latency you are experiencing is fairly high, and is likely impacting your ability to connect. Unfortunately, this would be an issue with your local network. I would suggest power cycling your modem/router and checking your ping/trying to connect again. I would also suggest attempting to connect with a protocol with a lower amount of encryption overhead, such as PPTP or OpenVPN 160 to see if you are able to establish a connection.

If you still find you are unable to connect, please contact our support team directly so that we may investigate further:


Golden Frog Technical Support

Thanks, but I still have trouble after I changed the encryption overhead. I have to use the google’s DNS right now because vyprs doesn’t work.

I would actually try and see if this might be a cache problem of some sort.

Other options would be to reset your router completely.

As @Logan suggested, there may be a problem with your ISP of some sort (though I believe that it won’t be fixed since VPNs are prohibited from use in China).

Try to circumvent somehow, here’s a nice guide I used before.