The serivce is still facing connetions issue

Still no connectable servers within in china.This issue started at 3rd of March And to this day is still not being fixed or even being officially announced.Please address this issue immediately.

Can they ever fix their app for more than a week?!

Please forgive my intrusion.

Based on my understanding of the challenges with The Great Firewall of China, this is a non-trivial job.

Many of the IT/Networking professionals in China are top-notch professionals and are often known experts and leaders in their professions.

The Chinese government is making special efforts to hire and use the very best and brightest “genius” level talent they can buy.

The Chinese government is committing essentially unlimited support and unlimited amounts of money to make The Great Firewall as impenetrable as possible.

There is no VPN provider in existence, not even Golden Frog, that can afford to match the money, resources, or talent that China is poring into their efforts.  In essence, you are pitting a flea against an elephant and then complaining that the flea isn’t winning all the time.

With all due respect, the fact that the flea is winning at all and as often as they do, is a tremendous testimony to the efforts and dedication of the people working for VyprVPN.

In point of fact, I have been researching the qualifications, advantages and disadvantages of a number of VPN’s over the last few weeks.  It has been my observation that a large percentage of VPN providers - including some of the biggest and best - do not even try to support VPN access from within China.  It’s just too difficult and takes too much time and money.

Instead of selfishly complaining that Golden Frog and VyprVPN aren’t solving tremendously difficult problems instantly, you should be humbly thankful that they try to solve these problems at all.

Respectfully submitted;

Jim  “JR”

Thank you for the response You did make me realize the that.

Instantly???! I’ve barely been able to use my fully paid 1-year subscription since November. Apart from very slow speeds from the end of Nov through the middle of Dec, then not at all until the middle of January, then no problem for about a week until not at all again through the rest of January/most of Feb. Which part of waiting 3, maybe even 4 months, for something you’ve already paid for is instantly . Going by your own post here too, you clearly have issues communicating with other humans. When will Golden Frog call it quits and send back my money if they can’t afford to do what you said? “as often as they do” So about 2-3 weeks worth of up time since December? Yeah so selfish sitting here since December with no VPN.


On one level, “ahh feel yer pain”. On the other hand, this is a non-trivial exercise.

Are you having trouble communicating from China as well?

  • If so, my post applies to you as well.
  • If not, you’d do much better for yourself and everyone else by posting this as a separate thread.  Hijacking a thread that deals with an entirely different issue does nothing to bring your problem to the forefront.

Another question:

  • Did you open a support ticket about this?
  • Have you been cooperating with support?
  • Have you made an effort to be polite and respectful?  You might be incredibly frustrated as I sometimes am, but blowing your stack at them does nothing to create a meaningful dialog and solve problems.

Please take a brisk walk around the block, go chop wood, do a vigorous workout or whatever it takes to calm down - and then try this again - in its own thread.

Jim  “JR”

I am also facing the connection issue like iTunes error 9. This is happening after updating my Phone. Please help me to fix it.