The speed dropping issue in China

Currently The new version of the VyprVPN did solve the connectivity issue in China, but there is another issue on the new version.

When I connected to any servers right away the speed is good, but as soon I started to download anything the speed drops gradually to a point that is almost non-existent. This issue has rendered the software unusable for me, and it has been occurring for over 2 months now, I have been asking for support for over 2 months too, I’ve tried everything at this point, like turning off the firewall, refresh the network, use the closest server option, None of them can solve this issue that I’m encountering.

Also there were rare occasions that the software had stable connection with good and lasted for a day, but those occasions were completely random and rare.

Currently the vyprvpn is completely unusable for me, and it has been like this for over 2 months, I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated with the performance.

None of the other VPNs have this speed dropping issue, in fact the issue doesn’t even occur on the older version of the vypr app, on the older version of the app, the connection speed is good through out, but it’s really unstable , and only a handful of servers that are connectable.

I’d like to ask will this issue be resolved?
If so please provide a date, If not please tell what should I do next?

Hello @kaldeqca

Glad to hear that the latest version for Windows gets you connected.
I understand your frustration there with slow speeds while downloading content. As we know by now, the speeds experienced will vary from user to user depending on many variables outside of our control.
Connections from China make those variables considerably troublesome for all parties involved. We are constantly working to defeat the great firewall and when able, to improve connection quality and speed. We do have another release on the horizon which aims to improve the connection quality. Exact release date is TBD, but it will be prompted within the in app update notification.

Unfortunately it is impossible to give a exact time as to when the slow speed issue for you will be resolved.
From what you have said above, it appears that download speeds are paramount and the older versions of the VyprVPN app provide a more consistent speed on your internet connection.
I would then suggest to use the old app version temporarily so that you can get those desired speeds. When we have the next update available, you could then upgrade again.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.