Travel Sites - Expedia is Blocking VyprVPN Connection

Is anyone else able to confirm is blocking connections when using VyprVPN?

I get a 403 error when browsing to the site with going through a VyprVPN connection. Turn VyprVPN off, works normally.

Hello @portlymd,

We are currently aware that VyprVPN users are having trouble accessing and are tracking this issue. Please contact our 24/7 Support Team at Golden Frog Support so we can attach your support ticket to a master ticket for the issue in order for you to receive updates regarding the issue as they become available.

Support Team Lead

I have been using the to book any flight or hotel so there is no VPN blocking on my side though, so you must be using anything wrong

I have been trying to print some important documents but encountered trouble while going to print because my canon printer offline windows 10 was showing everytime.