Trouble configuring vyprvpn on linux ubuntu

I have installed VyprVPN on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 using the following instructions:

Everything installed correctly but when using VyprVPN, my IP address is leaking to my ISP. I know this is a configuration issue because VyprVPN is working properly on my WIndows machine and on IOS.

I have searched extensively for this issue and although several others have had the same problem, there does not seem to be a clear way to resolve. What additional steps do I need to take to ensure that all my DNS requests are going through VPN?

Most of the solutions I have seen involve editing a .ovpn file. But after following the above directions, there is no .ovpn file in /etc/openvpn or etc/vyprvpn. I only have /etc/openvpn/update-resolve-conf.

Hey @phineus

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with that. I would advise you reach out to us and we can look into the issue further and see what can be done.

You can contact us here: