Turkey Successfully Blocks Vpry VPN

Turkey ISP must perdom DPI (deep package inspection). It is not possible to connect VPRY VPN using Vodadone Turkey from an ios device.

Hello @milterx,

We don’t have any reports of ISPs in Turkey blocking our service. Most issues are due to poor network performance. That being said, please contact our support team at https://www.goldenfrog.com/support/ and we will be glad to investigate your connection.

I think it won’t be long where most of the countries start banning VPN. Previously, heard it was Dubai, even China does that and now Turkey. Do you have any source to this claim though.

People are after vpns these days. The bill in the US and caused and uproar in vpn industry. A lot of people are buying vpns.

Even those places which have banned vpns usage are still consuming vpns. Ironic isn’t it?

Dear All,

Unfortunately, this banning were ordered by Turkey Ministry and DPI system is active since min 2016. I have got lots of evidence but unfortunately all the sources are in Turkish. Turkish newspapers also has written this issue. Oficially Turkey all ISP are banning VPNs in differenet levels, currently most restrictive one is Vodafone Turkey. Cable Internet is the least restrictive one, almost all VPN’s working in cable net but your connection speed is being limited by 512 kb/s

Hello, @milterx

We are aware of the increased censorship occurring in Turkey. We released a blog post in regards to the issue late last year:

With that said, we do have many users in Turkey who are able to connect with the service without issue. As we would like to take a look into the issue further, we ask that you please contact our support team at https://www.goldenfrog.com/support/.

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Yes it is, i would agree with you on that.

How about now? A friend of mine flew to Turkey on Holidays and was asking if he can run vypr there? what should I tell him?

Is there a dedicated Ip setup that I could recommend to my friend?

Hello @HB101,

It looks like you already got an answer to this in another thread, but for anyone else interested, you can set up a dedicated IP address via our VyprVPN Cloud service. https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/212269348-What-is-VyprVPN-Cloud-