Unable to connect on several devices

Unable to connect on several devices - dashboard says connected, IP is visible and no live chat no matter which server I choose

same here !!! what happend?

Same here (Germany) all lines are dead

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Same. USA

Seattle was working a few hours ago and now everything I try is down (located in Thailand currently)

Major update? Or…big time had happened to this company?

Same …china

Hello @AstralChange, @aoaokuao1 , @tregobad, @bonds, @HipHopVYPR, @Hazenet, and @Dipsy2002,

As I understand, you all have been experiencing difficulties connecting to VyprVPN. I am sorry to read this and apologize for the trouble.

At the time of the postings, we were experiencing some server side issues that were preventing customers from connecting to VyprVPN. These issues began around 11:00am CST today. I am pleased to inform you that these issues have been resolved and customers are now able to connect to VyprVPN once more.

Please try connecting again at this time and if you continue to have any trouble connecting, try logging out of the VyprVPN application and log back in. Then try to connect to any of our servers.

Should you still not be able to connect, please reach out to support directly so that we can further troubleshoot any individual lingering issues further.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Nope, still no servers at all, China.

About to be on the 3rd day of no servers available at all from inside China.

Same here.

I tried various methods in North Carolina. . . . . . Infinite disconnection. . . . . . .

Hello @Hazenet, @basky, @Trabadur, @xiangang_cheng, and any others experiencing trouble connecting in China.

The previously mentioned users experiencing the connection trouble earlier in the day on 12/21 was a separate incident not affecting users within China.

For anyone experiencing trouble connecting within China, please refer to our recent Service Announcement here.

Should you need any other or further assistance, please contact our Support Department here for assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.