Unable to resolve host

I’ve had this problem with other VPNs before but only in the last week has this issue cropped up with Vyper. Seems that with Vyper turned on, even to the fastest server, I am unable to resolve the host and therefore cannot connect with many websites. If I turn off Vyper, there is no problem whatsoever. I have to wonder if there has been some sort of update or change in the system because this has never been an issue before.
In fact, I could not even post this topic until I turned off Vyper because I kept getting an Error message.

Have now switched protocol from L2TP/IPSec to Open VPN and that seems to have solved the problem. Still, I’ve been running that protocol for a long time with absolutely no problem so something must have changed.

Hello @mike100,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

That is definitely strange that it’s working on one protocol but not the other. Does this happen for all server locations or just a certain one?

Do you have any extra features enabled? Kill Switch, Connection Per-App, etc? Does this issue still happen with these features disabled?

Are you using VyprDNS or 3rd Party DNS?

Also, do you have any proxy settings enabled in your browser?

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Tyler | Customer Support

Was happening on all servers I tried, although I was sticking to the closer, faster servers. I don’t currently have the Kill Switch active or any other options, using VyperDNS, no proxy settings. Can’t explain it. I just tried switching back to L2TP/IPsec and tried linking to one of the websites that had been a problem previously. It did access the webpage this time, but it seemed slow. I then switched back to OpenVPN and connected to the same page and the connection was noticeably faster. Guess I’ll stick with OpenVPN for now.