Unable to use VyprVPN after setting "Block Malicious Sites"

ASUS ZenPad running Android 5.1.n
Latest updates to everything, including VyprVPN as of this instant date.

Location: Somewhere outside of the United States.

Attempting to set “Block Malicious Sites” causes the following error message to appear:
“Due to an error you will have to restart your system to use VyprVPN” (or something substantially similar)

As predicted by the message, VyprVPN is, (in essence) brain-dead until the system is fully shut-down and restarted.

If the “Block Malicious Sites” setting is left “Off”, things work normally.

I have the ASUS auto-start manager set to allow VyprVPN to auto-start.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Jim “JR”

Hello @jharris1993,

Sorry you are having these issues. I reached out to you on a email support request (ticket # 2195692). Feel free to reply at your earliest convenience.

Customer Support