Unstable connection after Windows 10 update

Hello Samuel,
I occur the same problem. I did exactly you suggest, and had the same experience as Oxidiuos.
I hope you will find as soon as possible an solution.

Greetings Peter (from The Netherlands)

Hello pvhsoft,

We hate to hear that you are also having this connection issue with Windows 10.

Please contact our support team directly and we will be able to assist you further.

You can e-mail us at support@goldenfrog.com or you can e-mail us directly through the application itself.

Golden Frog Support

I’ve been having the exact same issues since I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit. (VyprVPN worked fine under Win 8.1 64.) Tried all of these suggestions with no luck. I am already working with GF support separately. Just adding my name to this tread as having the issue.

I’m not finding your account, opruitt. Can you send in a bug report via the VyprVPN app?

If you have performed the steps already covered in this post, try turning off DNS leak protection in the app and try browsing the internet again.

Sorry, I am actually a Giganews client. So the support is through them, my Giganews request number is 131600.

Thank you for that information. We’ll communicate with Giganews and ensure your request is handled promptly

Just a quick update. Still have the same issue and I am now running Win10 64 bit build 10525.

HI, same issue here. Trying to get to servers in Switzerland, however, difficulties to get internet access. Connection seem to work, but then unable to access Internet. Now and then seem to work with L2TP / IPsec. No go with PPTP and OpenVPN. Strange… happened after last Windows 10 update.

Please add me to the list of users having problems with VyprVPN and WIndows 10. Most of the time I cannot get an IP. The application keep reporting “detecting” (and no internet connection). However, as soon as I enter manually a 3rd party DNS (used OpenVPN DNS or Google) then I can get an IP.

Flushing the DNS had no effect.

Is this been logged as a problem?

Hello Nexus 6 & Fax,

Thank you for reporting the following issue!

Our networking team has deployed a fix to our European sites to rectify any ongoing connectivity issues.

At this time you should now be able to use your desired server location under VyprDNS directly.

Please let our support team know if you continue to experience an issue with the server location of your choice.


Thank you! I can confirm the issue seems resolved now.

Thanks just tried to connect and seems to work now.

i have the same problem, connection stable about 5 min, than going down and only reconnection helps. How to apply fix you guys mention above?


You don’t need to do anything on your end to apply the fix our networking team applied several days ago. Your connection is currently dropping, right? Does the app read “Detecting” or does it still read “Connected”, but you are unable to browse the internet? Depending on your answer, your problem may not be related to this thread. If that’s the case, we’ll need to troubleshoot via email.

Golden Frog Suport

i trying to describe this situation http://c2n.me/3mFgt8u when vpn app stay connected, but there is no connection through browser

Hello @okossa,

Please contact support at support@goldenfrog.com and we will be glad to assist you further.

I had a problem with Windows 10 remaining connected to VyprVPN (I am connecting to Australian servers in Australia) but experienced numerous intermittent failures when trying to access websites / download mail etc.

Disconnecting then reconnecting via the GUI would sometimes help me get back on the internet but not for long and not always. With the vpn still showing as connected if access to websites dropped out, sometimes just coming back after a few minutes it would start working again without doing anything.

I was using the opnvpn protocol so I tried the Chameleon protocol but had the same problems. This was very annoying and I was on the 3 day trial and about to pull out.

I switched to the l2tp/IPsec protocol and I have not experienced this problem since. (2 full days now)

The history of my machine is originally built with windows 8 then upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago. No vpn software had ever been installed until 4 days ago when I installed the latest version of VyprVPN.

So switching to L2TP/IPsec and not using OpenVPN or Chameleon is working for me on Windows 10.

I’ve got the other issue some Windows 10 users have when starting their systems - “The VyprVPN service could not be contacted. Would you like to attempt to start the service?” but that’s not for this thread! details here

Hi. I disable IP6 in properties. Now OpenVNP is working and connect quickly, but the speed is low.

I hope this just works…
I wanted to report that after the big windows 10 update I needed to provide my user name and password again. Then reset my connection settings and my protocol. Then I went through the features I use most Like quite vyprvpn and found that the function did not work. I then used the desktop app Services to stop and restart the Vyprvpn service. Now all is well.

I hope this is of use to some here.

First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today | Windows Experience Blog - http://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2015/11/12/first-major-update-for-windows-10-available-today/

After updating the Windows 10, I am getting windows update error 80070103 on my system. Can anyone tell me why such kind of error is occurring and how it can be solved?