Updating problem and no access to goldenfrog

Hi there
When updated to a new version of VyprVPN, I found it unable to get connected. Additionally, goldenfrog official website is not accesible in China and it’s impossible to report a problem.

Anyone knows what the problem is?

Hello, @drli

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

First and foremost, you should be able to access our website in China through our mirror site here:


It appears we already have a ticket open with you in our support channel. We are happy to continue assisting you though email. I have sent you a follow-up to our previous message. Please check your email at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time!

Golden Frog Technical Support

Not sure if my problem is the same or not, but after the latest update I’ve have not been able to connect with Chameleon or OpenVPN. Tried using the UK and Finland servers. Attempted the connection several times, sometimes getting the error code 6003, most times nothing. Computer restart didn’t help. The web site showed a connection active, disabling that didn’t help either. The previous version was ok in the same network.

Chat suggested trying L2TP, finally got a connection.

Guess I better stay on the previous version on the other computers for now.


Thank you for contacting us via our official forums.

At this time we are aware of an issue with OpenVPN and Chameleon on the latest version (2.10).

Please check your settings and ensure that VyprTAP is what your application is still set to use with those protocols.

Golden Frog Support

Ok, thanks! Changing to VyprTAP helped.