Viper VPN won't connect on my Amazon Fire Stick?

Hi guys id love your advice on this, I’ve emailed the guys at Golden Frog and they can’t seem to figure this out so thought id ask on here just incase anyone else has had a similar problem ? On my Fire Stick i can install the app, open it and i click to connect, it says connected, then authenticating … then assigning ip … then sits there for a few minutes … then disconnects ! I can’t get it to connect, I’m on my home sky broadband, but i have a macbook pro, an iPhone, an amazon fire tablet, an android box and they ALL connect and work through my sky broadband and connect to Vypr ! So i used my iPhone as a hotspot and connected to that instead of my router, and it did exactly the same thing ! Which says to me, theres something on this fire stick thats blocking the connection … I’m no pc boffin so i don’t understand a lot of jargon I’m afraid, just the basics really so if anyone does know the answer, please explain in the most easiest way possible please !! Cheers

I have exactly the same problem. Contacted golden frog but the cannot find what the problem is. They say they will see if they can fix it but don’t know when that might be.
It’s definately a fault with the app firmware

Pity cause I wanted to use this.

Hey @Iain and @Adz,

Sorry you guys are having issues. I can confirm we are still investigating the issues with the Amazon Fire TV stick application. While I cannot provide an estimated time as to when we will have a resolution, we will definitely reach out to you guys on your current support requests when an update is available.

Thank you for your patience!

Customer Support

Thank so for looking into it, let me just add, that I’ve got an Amazon Fire Tablet with VyprVPN on it and it works perfectly !! So it’s literally just the fire stick … there’s something in the stick which don’t like to connect to an IP address ??

It connects to the fastest server, authenticates … then tries to assign an up, pauses for about a minute, then cancels ! So it’s a problem with the ip part … hope that helps !!

Yes I can also confirm it is only to do with the Firestick App and not the WiFi router or internet provider as I can load the VYPRVPN onto my Ipad and connect it to the same network and it works just fine.
So its obviously a problem with the Firestick app (I loaded it from the Amazon store)

However I am dissapointed that there is no ETA as to a solution which means I think I am going to have to subscribe to IPvanish (it works ok) rather than Vyprvpn which I think is better, but its no good if we cant get it to work and don’t know when !!


Hey @adz and @Iain,

Thank you for providing us with this information. We are still investigating these issues and will be reaching back out to you as soon as we have any further updates. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this for you!


Same issue, works fine on Fire TV Box but not on Fire Stick. Will remain a free account until resolved.


Are you guys any closer to resolving this issue?


Thank you for everyone’s patience while we have investigated the issues with VyprVPN on Amazon Fire Sticks!

During our investigation, we were able to determine that the issues with VyprVPN are only with the 1st generation Fire Sticks, as our testing of the 2nd generation Fire Stick showed success of using VyprVPN. We also seen from our research that 1st generation Fire Sticks seem to struggle with VPN connections in general, as people are seeing similar issues through several other VPN providers.

If you are experiencing an issue with a 2nd generation Fire Stick, please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VyprVPN app (2.19) from the Amazon store. Should you experience issues with the latest version, please let us know so that we can investigate your issue.

While we will continue to look into the issues with VyprVPN on 1st generation Fire Sticks at this time, we cannot guarantee that VyprVPN will work on 1st generation Fire Sticks.


Hi just having this issue with 2nd gen firestick sometimes it connects but then disconnects after 30 seconds

Hi @andre_vanhuls

Have you ensured that you’ve updated the VyprVPN application to the latest version from the Amazon store? Also, does these disconnections occur with multiple servers? Are you connecting to servers with low ping times?

Thanks in advance for this information!

Golden Frog Technical Support

Any progress on a solution for this? My 1st green will not connect either? Also the option to connect on a per app basis, as on my android tablet, would be brilliant for the Firestick.

Many thanks


Hello, @ashvetenry

We are still investigating issues with the first generation Fire Stick. We thank everyone for their continued patience in this matter, and we very much appreciate your feedback!

Golden Frog Technical Support

Thank you. Additionally I’m getting the same issue on my MK809iii android TV stick (on android 4.4.3)

hey @ashvetenry,

Sorry to hear you are having issues on your Android TV as well. I have reached out to you on an email support request - ticket number 1768319. Feel free to respond at your earliest convenience.

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Hi, have you fixed the issue with first generation fire stick yet?

Hello @Timothy_Haynes,

We have performed thorough testing and have determined that we will not be able to correct the issues on 1st generation Fire Sticks. 2nd generations should be working normally.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we will not be supporting 1st generation Fire Sticks going forward. Thank you.

Golden Frog Support

Ive been trying for ages trying to get this to work and now ive just read that its not going to work (MK809iii android 4.4.3) I only bought it to work on this grrr. Wish I knew before I purchased…

I have the new Fire stick brand new 2nd gen and I downloaded vypervpn from the store and did a free trial successfully then went online and signed up and upon trying to re login to the Viper VPN firestick app it stating unable to login?

Why? Now that I’m paying I can’t login it doesn’t make any sense?

Hello Marc,

Thank you for contacting us via our official forums.

At this time, the only account I’m seeing for your e-mail address is a VyprFree account that is out of data.

We would be more than happy to help you straighten this out directly. Please contact one of our support agents either via e-mail ( or you can use our convenient live chat feature on our website.

Golden Frog Support