Viper VPN won't connect on my Amazon Fire Stick?

So I bought the year subscription specifically to use with my 2nd gen amazon fire stick and my amazon fire tv. Now when I go to download the app on the either device its no longer there? Was support for amazon devices dropped?



Hey @zskate311,

At this time the VyprVPN application is not currently available on the Amazon App Store; we are aware of this issue and are working with the appropriate parties to restore it.

A couple of alternate set-ups you may use in the interim are: (1) to install VyprVPN on the router which the Firestick is connected to, and (2) share the VPN connection from your computer using Internet Connection Sharing. Instructions for each are available at the link below.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve this matter.


Support Team


Just bought a new Amazon Fire TV and to my surprise the app is not longer in store. I noticed you said you are working on it, and I would need to have a timeline for this, as I use VPN on a daily basis and unfortunately I can’t use any of your alternative options you displayed.

When will you get this solved?? At least a timeline or expectation of time to get this solved? I see the last message was on October 22nd and it’s been over a month. I would assume this would take no more than a couple of weeks and it is a month and a half after the last message and nothing.

Thank you.


We apologize for the delay in issuing a response for the firestick.

Due to the changes made by Amazon in the guidelines for applications available on their hardware, VyprVPN will no longer be usable on these devices.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with any other issues please let us know.

Golden Frog Support

Does this mean there will NEVER be an app for Fire TV Amazon? Are you giving refunds to all the users who only bought VyprVPN for Amazon FireTV? Because that is the only one I use, and as I said, your alternatives do not work for me as I do not want a VPN on my router directly.

So, what is your stance as a company for all users who won’t accept you not working on a fix for Amazon Fire TV?

Shame to see this, as I was and still am until I read this reply very happy with your service, but if your service do not meet my expectations because you decided Amazon’s new policies are not worth your hassle, then you are also accountable for losing clients on this. NOT the user.

Thank you.

Hey there, @Maundler.

Firstly, let me say that I can definitely understand your frustration about this. If I had a primary device that I used a service on and it was suddenly unsupported, I would be upset as well.

I wanted to provide a little more background on the issue from our end. Recently, Amazon decided a requirement for app support (not sure if it’s for all apps, but it did affect ours) was to require support for a controller. That’s understandable, since some of the devices have controllers with which to navigate menus, play games, etc…

We weren’t notified ahead of time of this new requirement, which is unusual for app vendors, so you can imagine our surprise when it was just gone from the Amazon app store one day. Naturally, we wanted to find out why it happened and what it would take to fix it. Our Product team, in charge of prioritizing app bugs, features, and the like, tasked our Development team with looking into what it would take to restore our app to the app store for those devices.

After a lengthy investigation, it was determined that it was not a trivial thing to fix. That means we need to then look at prioritization of the task and where it might fall in line with our current development cycle and upcoming cycles. Many factors are considered, but ultimately it comes down to how high a priority it is to fix something like this compared to our work on other platforms and how impactful overall it is to our user base.

While we recognize it is not ideal and undoubtedly poses an inconvenience on Fire device users, based on the factors mentioned above and others, it is not currently a high priority item for us to fix. That doesn’t mean that some day we won’t bring VyprVPN back to Fire devices. But, that does mean that it will not likely happen in the near future. Priorities can and do change, though. I will certainly report back on this thread if we change course and move forward on fixing this for our Fire device users. Yes, we are aware that users may cancel due to this decision and, while certainly unfortunate, it is understandable.

I recognize that you wouldn’t want to necessarily continue to pay for something you would not otherwise use since the Fire device was your primary one for this service, so I have instructed one of my Level II agents to reach out to you directly to address your account with us.

If you are a customer affected by the Fire TV or Stick and not being able to use VyprVPN and would like to discuss it further, please contact directly or start a live chat on Thank you.

Golden Frog Support