VoIP troubleshoot help

I’m hoping to get some troubleshooting help. I’m using a particular VoIP app that at the moment I won’t mention. But it’s part of the alphabet.

When I make a call over a standard US server my call connects.

When I try to make a call when connected to my vyper server beta it no longer connects. But I have internet connection just fine.

If I use the VoIP app while connected to my wifi network and my router is connected to my vypr server with the vyper router app. It works.

If I then connect via my smartphone vypr app to the same server. It does not connect.

But if I connect to a standard server it does connect.

Any tips as to what I can troubleshoot?

Thank you

This likely means that your secret VoIP provider has decided to block IPs of hosting providers. It’s not atypical for services meant for consumption by consumers to block hosting provider IP addresses. You might try smaller hosting providers to see if maybe their networks aren’t yet blocked by your VoIP provider.


I was facing such issues with my virtual phone system initially but then i made a call to their customer support team and they resolved my issue with troubleshooting.

I am using Business phone number from CallHippo and I must say they are best and support team always available to solve problems.

I got what are you talking about. if I am sure it’s about google voice. the problem is google voice provides free calling in the USA to the USA but they charge some money for international calls.so when we use VPN the may get the idea that the user is making international calls or making calls from international locations to the USA. I Dont have many ideas about this issue. but I will recommend you to explore your query in this direction.