VPN android app works for me now over mobile data 4g verizon

So i have had issues with vypr android app over 4g data mobile connection. it always became unconnected.
I think I found a work around to make the app work better. In android if you setup up a VPN connection via the settings menu and enter your name and password and check remember the password data the VYPRvpn android app will now stay connected to the vpn server. keep in mind as it is on android 4.4 on my galaxy note 4 does not have an option for the openVPN encrytion setting. But I do not think that matters as the app uses openVPN and it stays connected now! I think when I didn’t set my VPN info into android it self the app would stop working for whatever reason. Not sure if this is old news but I have not read this anywhere where you had to enter the VPN info into android itself for the VYPR app to function properly.

Hello Arche! And thank you for bring this to our attention!

First, the behavior that you describe with not being able to maintain a connection via VyprVPN for Android is something that we have been able to replicate, but only with certain criteria. We have only seen this issue when users are attempting to connect over Verizon’s 4G LTE network, on devices running 4.4.X and newer. Are you currently attempting to connect over Verizon’s network? Also, what type of device are you running the application on? We ask because there was an update released on the Samsung S5 from Verizon that has resolved this issue.

Regarding your work around. Just to be clear, you established a manual PPTP/L2TP connection via Android’s native VPN client, and then you were able to connect though the application without issue? Or did you simply enter your information into the client, and then saw the difference?

Thank you in advance for the clarification!


Vzw galaxy note 4. Android version 4.4.4.
connecting over Verizon 4G LTE.
I entered the credentials into android by adding a pttp basic vpn network. Saved the login info. I can then connect via this vpn network. Stays connected. But this is annoying as I have to dig into the smartphone settings whenever I want to use vpn.

Or the better way is I can now just use the vypr app. Without even accessing the native android vpn settings. So yeah. Just entering the credentials into android native vpn client allows you a solid connection via the vypr vpn app. Without the credentials in the native client your vyprvpn app disconnects every couple minutes.

Last night I input the credentials and put in nyc as the server. Saved the login password. Restarted my phone. Opened the vyprvpn app chose fastest server and it stayed connected over Verizon 4G LTE for over 3 hours I believe to the Washington DC server before I turned it off. Then I chose australia. Then miami. San diego. Etc… it all worked. And stayed connected.

If I look at the logs in vyprvpn app it tells me it used openvpn encryption and stayed connected and was manually terminated. No disconnects.

An aside you cannot connect to your vpn servers via the native android setting and your vyprvpn app at the same time. It just goes wonky. One or the other.

@arche Thank you for the clarification. I am glad to hear you found a workaround. I can’t say we’ve heard of that working before, but I am glad it works for you. We’ve investigated issues with Verizon and Android 4.4.x after receiving reports of similar behavior from other customers. We have determined this is an issue with Verizon and/or Samsung on certain devices. This same issue has been reported on Verizon forums and even with other VPN providers, so it’s not limited to VyprVPN. I actually experienced the issue when trying to connect over 4G LTE on my personal S5 phone. The connection would stay up for 20 seconds or so and then the data connection would drop out entirely. Connecting over WiFi worked fine.

I have spoken to Verizon who informed me the latest update for the S5 solves this issue and confirmed I can now connect fine with the app over 4G LTE after installing it. I am not sure when or if a similar update is coming to the Note 4. I would imagine one is slated, as that is a new device to the market and very popular.

My suggestion would be to continue using the stopgap you discovered and contact Verizon for details on when an update that fixes that issue is coming to your device.

For reference, the S5 update number is: ktu84p.g900vvru1ank2

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