VPN Docker Container

Will Golden Frog please create a Docker Container to run the client on?

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion. If there are any other specifics about what you’d like to see, please feel free to add some details here.

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Hi Daniel

I really like Vyper and. I currently use it on my Synology NAS for download station. However, it is a mess to do it. What I have done is startup the client, at 2am using task scheduler, then start DL station right after. When that happens all the port forwarding rules die, particularly for my PLEX server. I let this run till 7 am, then using the scheduler kill it and DL station and restart normal network activity.

It would be very nice to have a Corp supported image/container that can be run all the time and allow users to connect other containers through the Vyper container so that we have a passthrough for apps that do not require VPN protection from scrutiny.

Thanks for listening!


Thanks for the extra details!

I’m not completely sure if this might help, but do you have a delay between the time when Task Scheduler starts your VPN connection, and when it starts DL Station? If they’re starting up very close to each other, it might help to give a little bit of time between when you start your VPN connection and when you start DL Station.

Also, if you start VyprVPN without using Task scheduler, do you still have the same issues with port forwarding rules?

Last question first. If I start the task, I lose the port forwarding until I kill the connection.

I have put in a 5 minute delay to make sure that the connection is stable.

Thanks for the reply. I may not have fully understood the situation at first.

Connecting to a VPN should nullify the device’s port forwarding settings. When connected to VyprVPN, all outgoing ports are open, but if you have NAT Firewall enabled, that will close all incoming ports, which could cause issues with other devices connecting to the NAS.

I’m not sure if NAT Firewall is enabled on your VyprVPN account, but if it is, disabling it might help with your Plex issue. You can do that from the “Manage Services” section when you log into your account here - https://account.vyprvpn.com/

Once you’ve disabled NAT Firewall, you’ll need to disconnect and then reconnect to VyprVPN before that change will take effect on your VPN connection.