VPN: IPv6 not secure?

According to this article, IPv6 connections are not secure at many VPN providers.

Although the article is in german, the according paper is in english:

Although I do not really use IPv6, I do not know if any service on my systems is using it anyway.

Thank you for your interest in the security of VyprVPN.

As to some of your security concerns, we do provide features such as DNS leak protection through VyprDNS.

I would highly recommend this blog post and video where we touch on these exact concerns:

As for your use of IPv6, I can say that a good majority of US and European customers do not (at this time) use IPv6 to access the internet and, is not yet something we enable when using VyprVPN.

We welcome any and all feedback from our customers and appreciate your interest.



Hi Josh,

I am afraid I have to disagree a little bit.

The two major ISP-s in the Netherland started deploying IPv6 in their footprints this year so more and more customers will be using IPv6 next to IPv4. One can also check the Google IPv6 statistics to see that IPv6 is on the rise.

The other issue with neglecting IPv6 is that it provides your customers with a false sense of anonymity. Even though IPv4 will be tunnelled using VyprVPN, IPv6 is NOT and this could reveal your identity or activities on the net.

I think Golden Frog really ought to pay more attention to IPv6 because it could be the biggest leak in the VPN tunnel set up.

Yours, Martin