VPN not connecting

Does anyone know if any issues at mo. I’m clicking connect fastest server on my Galaxy S7 but VPN not connecting. All it does it change to yellow “connecting” then back to blue “connect” after about 1 second & a message stating “something went wrong try again” but when I do same happens.

Hello, @Chris_Sheard!

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties connecting to the service. At this time, we are not experiencing any issues that would affect customer connectivity, so we will need to take a closer look into why this is happening. As I’m not able to locate your account based on your forum email, I ask that you please reach out to us via our support channel here:


On the form, please provide the email address associated with your VyprVPN account and a description of the connection issue you are experiencing.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Golden Frog Technical Support

I am also experiencing this. Every now and then. I’m unsure if it’s daily just yet as I’m a new user. Won’t connect to anywhere after arriving at a new network. Have to restart my phone and then boom! It works. Wish i could just close the app and get the same result… But it seems i have to actually turn my phone on and off… I guess it’s not a long delay, but i wish i didn’t have to.

Hello @M_MJD_D,

Thanks for letting us know this is happening. We’d be happy to investigate with you. If it’s occurring on every network then we can probably rule out the networks on the whole as the issue and focus on troubleshooting the application.

Can you please submit a bug report from the VyprVPN application on your device with those same details? Our support staff can then take a look at the log files and email you with some additional suggestions based on your device.


Support Team