Vpn setting

Have just installed this VPN and expected it to show up in the VPN menu on this Android 4.4.2 tablet but it hasn’t. It seems to be working as far as the app is doing what would be expected. Is this normal ?

If you go to VyprVPN settings (small grey gear icon in the upper-right corner) you should see a ‘Notifications’ option.

If you tap it, does it show ‘Ongoing’, ‘Dismissible’ or ‘None’?

You should also get a notification to Trust the application on first attempt to connect.

We look forward to your reply.



Thanks for you reply, it is marked as “Dismissible”


Thank you for your feedback!

Please be aware that when using the VyprVPN application, you will not see anything related to VyprVPN under the ‘VPN’ portion of the device’s settings. You will only see a VyprVPN-based connection under the following portion of the device’s settings if you have established a manual connection, which requires some configuration on your part.

Once you have successfully connected to the server location of your choice, a ‘key’ icon will appear reflecting you are successfully connected.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter please let our support team know!

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