VpyrVPN Vers. miss the specification of the IP address

Hello everybody,

in the new version I miss the details of the IP addresses. I would like to know under which IP address I’m traveling. I hope that can be restored in a next update.

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Welcome Petrus17!

We appreciate your feedback on this change and a lot of users are voicing their opinions on the new GUI and will note your feedback into our next major update!

Thank you for choosing VyprVPN

Thank you for your response. Now we have the 1st of October and I have not heard anything yet about how it goes on. The feature should be found again at the next udate. Without it, it’s a matter of fumbling in the dark … It would be nice to hear from you soon.

Hey @Petrus17

Sorry to hear about that! At this time that feature isn’t available. We suggest posting this feature suggestion at: https://ideas.goldenfrog.com/forums/171209-golden-frog-ideas

In the meantime, you can actually get your VyprVPN IP address a few ways. One common way is to connect to VyprVPN, then visit the following link: https://www.vyprvpn.com/whatismyipaddress

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you for choosing VyprVPN!

Does staff still look at ideas.goldenfrog.com? Some of my feedback has been pending moderator approval for months.