VyperVPN and Network User Accounts

I use a network user account and am wondering if there are known issues with vypervpn use on network accounts. When logging in either from boot or sleep, the system hangs before it logs in and then after displaying the desktop, the vyper app with hang for upwards of two minutes before connecting. But while it hangs my system is unusable.

Ive looked and couldn’t find info and sent an email to support but they never responded.

Hey @jdouglas,

I see that you did submit a support request to us regarding this matter, and we did respond, so it’s possible that the email was lost. Because there could be a number of things occurring, I am going to reach out to you via email again so that we can gather some further information, like logs, and investigate the cause. Please check your spam folders if you don’t receive the email soon.


Support Team

I haven’t received an email and nothing is in my spam folder.


Can you DM me an alternate email address where we can contact you? I suspect there may be an issue with your domain and our ticket system. Thanks!

Alternatively, you can begin a live chat with us here: https://www.goldenfrog.biz/contact-support

Golden Frog Support

The issue seems to be the kill switch function. I disabled it and all seems to be good now.

I wanted to set this up so that no data would travel without VyperVPN enabled. Now that the kill switch is disabled, VyperVPN runs much quicker when starting up and logging off. Almost instant. Its still finicky in some ways but it operates better. The worst of it now is sometimes on my 2011 iMac running Sierra, when waking form sleep, Vyper won’t connect and the only way it will is if I restart. I don’t have that issue on my Mac Pro which is running El Capitan though. But I can tolerate this for now. :wink:

Hey @jdouglas,

I am glad to hear you found a temporary work around for the issue. I saw your message on our other forum post so I went ahead and reached out to you via email.

Customer Support