VyperVPN being blocked by Netflix!

Access to world wide Netflix services is blocked by Netflix service in Prince Edward Island. It started Feb 24/16 and when I have tried to access out of country Netflix, I get a message telling me that it appears I am using an unblocker or proxy and directs me to call the service provider! Is VyperVPN working on a viable solution to this problem? The only reason for me to continue using VyperVPN is to allow me access to other Netflix services!

I have the same problem. It started yesterday too. I’ve emailed them no solution for the moment…

I also emailed them… Twice! Hopefully they solve it or its bye bye VyperVPN!

Hey @SCP @Konbini,

We are aware of Netflix and similar streaming service’s cracking down on VPN providers. We’re in the process of conducting internal testing to decipher the best way to handle this long-term for our customers, because we know many of you use our service primarily for streaming their content. Right now, we are unable to provide an ETA, unfortunately.

When we have more information available, we will continue to update this post. If you have account-related concerns related to this issue, please contact Support directly and we will be happy to assist you. https://www.goldenfrog.com/contact-support


Golden Frog Support

I am blocked also, from the Netherlands using usa netflix. It started today.


Please read our recent blog post at the link below for more information about our stance on the issues with Netflix and other streaming services.

Thank you,
Golden Frog Support