VyperVPN Router App not working on Netgear R7000/Tomato

Previously I had setup a NetGear R7000p (different router) with DD-WRT and established a permanent VPN connection from Sydney (Australia) to Los Angeles. The idea being that any device connected to that wireless network could use Netflix. Unfortunately it didn’t work as Netflix detected the VPN.

I decided to try out the VyprVPN router app as that supports the Chameleon VPN protocol and that might be able to defeat the Netflix screening for VPN connections. In order to do this I had to find another router as the NetGear R7000p is not supported by Shibby Tomato which is a prerequisite for using the VyprVPN router app.

Having obtained a NetGear R7000 (not R7000p) I downloaded and flashed Shibby Tomato ( Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -140 K26ARM USB VPN-64K). I then installed the VyprVPN app per the instructions provided by VyprVPN.

The results have been underwhelming. I had trouble logging the router into VyprVPN to setup the connection. I managed to connect to San Francisco on one occasion with Chameleon but couldn’t connect to Netflix or run basic connectivity tests. I then tried backing off to run OpenVPN256 and had the same problems. More recently when I try to connect I just get a network error message.

Bear in mind I can still use the internet connected through the wifi on this modem when it is NOT running a VPN. In fact I can run VyprVPN on a laptop connected to this router and successfully establish a connection to Netflix. The router firmware itself appears to work find except the VyprVPN related menu items. So it looks as if the VyprVPN router app basically doesn’t work as advertised and has significant bugs. Unfortunately I have invested a lot of time in getting this up and running and it is a dud.

I will go back to using DD-WRT on the other router. This will not fix the Netflix issue which is the main objective of having a VPN in the first place.

It is worth noting that Chameleon obfuscates the metadata for VPN traffic which may prevent certain types of detection. However if Netflix is monitoring VPN endpoint IP address pools then Chameleon is not going to help so this exercise may not have been useful anyway. I wonder how other VPN services get around this problem?