Vypr is not fast to load china website

Hi,i am from china.
I have a problem when vyprvpn is start : it’s fast to load websites out of china like www.youtube.com
but very slow to load the websites in china like www.taobao.com.
I do not want to close vyprvpn manually when visiting a china website.
Is there a solution?
Thank you very very much.

Hello @11132,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Unfortunately, there is not a way to bypass the VPN while visiting websites from specific countries. However, if you are experiencing trouble with speeds in general then we can take a closer look. Please go ahead and submit a support request to support@goldenfrog.com and the team will gather more information about your connection to see if we can make any adjustments on our side.


Support Team

GFW is a firewall, which can record your outbound and inbound. They may track you by browser footprint. So don’t visit any websites in China when you use a VPN or other proxy softwares.