Vypr not digitally signed

Why isn’t vyper digitally signed?


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Can you elaborate a little more? Where are you seeing a message that Vypr is not signed?

Is this when you start the application or when you attempt a connection?

Golden Frog Support

In windows 10 emsisoft internet security says vypr is not digitally signed, vypr have no signature

Hello @Lokhe ,

To clarify, the message you are seeing is definitely just a false-positive. Some security/anti-virus programs might show that depending on their settings due to the fact that VyprVPN creates new network connections. I can assure you the app does not have any malware or viruses so you can go ahead and create an exception in your security software for the VyprVPN app.

Hi @Lokhe,

I wanted to further add that your A/V program is somewhat correct. VyprVPN for Windows 2.9.6 is not signed in such a way that it would be obvious to the end-user. I understand why it picked up on that and alerted you. Presently, the verification is done through the installer signature. However, we are looking at signing individual tools to increase customer trust. That’s important to us, that everyone can see our app is signed.

To that end, our next version of VyprVPN for Windows, 2.9.7, will include verified signatures on all components of the app.

Golden Frog Support