Vypr Server + Chameleon + Digital Ocean + fresh IP + Netflix = fail

Netflix are able to detect I am on a proxy when using Vypr Server running Chameleon on a fresh Digital Ocean IP - are you aware and can you fix?



We are aware of Netflix and similar streaming services have been
cracking down on VPN providers. We are looking in to the best way to
handle this long-term for our customers as far as normal VyprVPN servers go, as we are aware many customers use our service primarily for streaming content. At this time, we are
unable to provide an ETA for any solution to this issue.

However, in this case they are more than likely blocking you based on your Digital Ocean IP. While we are working on a fix for VyprVPN on our end, since you have a different hosting provider IP, that is the most likely cause of the block. In this case, you would need to contact the hosting provider to see if they can provide you with a different IP that might work, or contact them for any details regarding Netflix blocks.


Response from Digital Ocean…

Thank you for contacting us!

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer custom IP addresses or ranges within our IP space, and each Droplet is assigned only one IP at the time it is created. Additionally, Netflix is constantly updating their records of IP space associated with cloud providers and other forms of proxy, so even if this were something we could offer, there is no guarantee it would achieve the desired goal. In general, this is not a use case we could provide support for. You may wish to contact Netflix for more information on their policy.

We hope this helps! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.


DigitalOcean Support

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Drat. Was hoping to try the same configuration.

I can attest that if you host the VyprServer locally in a VM, Netflix does work. Not much use unless you are on a public network that has other issues.

You could perhaps find a hosting company that gives you a little more control or that may be under the radar and do a VM configuration.