Vypr VPN not working in Spain

Set up and used mainly in the UK.

Now in Spain and just won’t connect, any ideas?

Speed is around 6-10mb.

We are on a wifi 4g network apparently if that helps.


Hey @flap10,

I’m sorry you’re having difficulty connecting. Can you give me some more information so I can better assist?

Which operating system are you using?
Are you connecting from a public location such as a hotel, café, business, or university?
Can you tell me which protocol you are connecting with? PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, or Chameleon?
Are you receiving an error message of any kind when you try to connect? If so, what is the error?
Are you trying to connect to a specific server, or does this happen no matter what server you choose?
Do you have trouble connecting on any other wifi/cellular networks?

Thank you in advance for your answers, as they will help us narrow down the cause of this issue.


Support Team