VyprVPN and Advanced tomato

I really hope some one could help, I’ve been fighting with the vpn in the house for 3 days.

Router: RT-AC66U

backstory: I used to run (up until today) the ASUSWRT firmware on my router, problem was except for the NYC server I didn’t managed to connect to the 2 others I’ve tried (the Washington server and the Philippines server) using the openvpn protocol.

after going back and forth with email support they have suggest that I will install tomato firmware, nothing was wrong with my firmware but I gave in because I really need to get the vpn working and the 2 server that I have problem connecting (pretty funny to suggest your client to use another firmware while your service’s website claim it support the router you have with the firmware you have, but lets leave that alone).

And so I was looking for a tomato firmware and decided to go with AdvanceTomato version since it is just the same as shibby’s version with the difference of having a really nice GUI but alas the router app that is working with shibby’s version for some reason, even so they are the same, do not work with AdvancedTomato, OK I get it I installed a different version then the one I was told too but I don’t really care for the router app if I cant run itits fine, I was however thinking to myself that I could at least configure vypervpn manually on the firmware using openvpn right? apparently I can’t, I have followed all the steps for manual installation to the latter as they are outlined on vyprvpn’s manual tomato configuration page on the website but alas I do not manage to connect to the server.

email support kind of gave up and brushed me to the side, so I beg of you good people, please oh please help me to get vyprvpn working on my asus rt-ac66u router that is runing AdvancedTomato Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-3.4-140 K26AC USB AIO-64K.

Thank you all very much for your help and time in advance!

Hello @OOkladek,

Just FYI, if you are still interested in troubleshooting I replied to your email ticket with a couple suggestions/questions.

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Hi Carlos! I am happy to report that the VPN is working (under manual configuration)!

I was so afraid I will need to change away from VyprVPN to another supplier I am so happy, thank you so much for your email!

For anyone who encounter difficulties, I was advised by the email support that the latest build (build 140) had problems with the VPN, and so I have downgraded to version 138 and the VPN works great with manual configuration (the app still doesn’t work for me but that is probably because I am using the “AdvancedTomato” flavor of the Tomato firmware).

Again thank you so much!!!

I have just upgraded to the latest Shibby Version and found the vyprvpn manual version no longer works. it seems to be a config problem as shown by the log file.
May 23 10:12:01 unknown daemon.err openvpn[2726]: Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in config.ovpn:31: tls-remote (2.4.1)
May 23 10:12:01 unknown daemon.warn openvpn[2726]: Use --help for more information.
May 23 10:12:02 unknown user.notice root: vpnrouting: clean-up

Hey @kevray,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I am going to reach out to you via email so we can better assist with your specific set-up.


Support Team


I have just upgraded to the latest Shibby Version and found the vyprvpn manual version no longer works.

Like I’ve said in my second post, the only way I managed to get the VPN (manual configuration) to work was using version 138, if you do manage to get it to work in the latest version please let me and the rest of the people here in the forum know!

Do not install the VyprVPN router app as it masses something with the firmware (on version 140 and on version 138) while using AdvancedTomato at least, first time I installed version 130 of the firmware and installed VyprVPN router app, I couldn’t connect any more using the manual configuration even after putting the uninstall command in the tools—> system command menu, I needed to “erase all data in nvram” under configuration menu -----> restore default configuration and then do manual config for the vpn, only then everything worked.

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