VyprVPN app vs manual connection on iOS 14

I recently upgraded to a new Apple iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 14.2.1 and now the VyprVPN app can’t connect while I’m on cellular. Does anyone know where to go for support?

I spent quite a while with GoldenFrog and my carrier with little to no progress. Here’s what I found:
At first I noticed the VyprVPN app wouldn’t work on my home WiFi. If I tried to log in it just said I didn’t have an active internet connection, which I did. After contacting support and many failed suggestions, they said they unblocked my IP on their end and it immediately started working. Then I switched to cellular and it wouldn’t work there either. However now I can log into my account but the “Connect” button is disabled no matter which protocol I select and the screen just says not available/no connection.

I did learn that I can set up a manual connection using IKEv2 and it successfully logs in and is connected. So I’m not sure why one would work with cellular but not the other.

I contacted support again and they said I need to manually set up/change APN settings on my phone, however that option is not available through my carrier.

I’d really like to use the app vs a manual connection on cellular if possible and would appreciate site any help the forum can provide!